The Llangollen Walk

The Pontyscyttle aqueduct which carries the Llangollen canal & towpath 1000 feet over the River Dee 120 feet below in a narrow iron trough and is both the longest & highest navigable aqueduct in the world.

Kennet & Avon Walk

The lady's pool is a particularly broad stretch of the Kennet and Avon canal designed to look like a lake and forms part of our Kennet and Avon Walk.

Lancaster Canal

The partially restored Lancaster follows an interesting route into the Lake District & passes close to the sea as it provides excellent views of the Cumbrian hills.

Edinburgh - Falkirk Wheel

Walk into the centre of Edinburgh

Taking in the modern engineering brilliance of the Falkirk wheel, the Avon and Almond aqueducts and the Falkirk tunnel plus the historic town of Linlithgow before taking you into the centre of Edinburgh

The walk commences in Falkirk and shortly takes you to its most notable feature - the Falkirk Wheel. Completed in 2002 as part of the restoration of the the wheel raises and lowers boats 40 metres by a giant wheel- a true feat of modern engineering.  The wheel was the final part of the restoration of the Forth and Clyde and Union canals which link Edinburgh and Glasgow.


The wheel is also a good place to explore the remains of the Antonine Wall constructed by the Romans between the Forth and Clyde and a forerunner to Hadrians Wall. 


Shortly after the wheel you will enter the Falkirk tunnel.  This is 600 metres long but its most impressive feature is that is broad and a minimum of 12 feet high and dug out of solid rock.


The route then carries you over the stunning Avon aqueduct 85 feet high and the second longest in Britain.  The route provides an overnight stay in Linlithgow the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and a fine historic Scottish town with its ruined castle and high street.


After Linlithgow you will pass through the surreal surroundings of the Shale 'bings' large hills of red earth resulting from the mining industry.  The route then crosses the Almond aqueduct another 85 feet high stone structure giving impressive views along the valley.


The canal travels through the outskirts of Edinburgh and terminates in a basin close to the centre of this impressive city.





Walk Options

4 nights/3 days walking - Falkirk to Edinburgh

450 per person.  Single supplement 40 per night

32 miles

Linlithgow to Edinburgh

370 per person.  Single supplement 40 per night

21 miles

‘Rest and Exploration Days’

Why not take an additional night or nights to explore the all that Edinburgh has to offer. 

Each additional night £70 per pe